Law School - Juristprogrammet. ♥

I am back in my university town now and I couldnt feel any happier. Last term was awful and difficult, it was my first time in university and my first time in the city of Uppsala.

Dear Law school, last term we werent always friends. You were a pain with all those heavy books and assignments. But this term, we have started over again... All I can say is that I like you a whole lot more than ever before!

I know that this term will be a lot harder than the last term. But I am happy with my university and I am looking forward to the rest of the semester!



War and revolutions inside. ♥

The worst war you can have, is the one with yourself.
I had a war with myself in the past, and I won.
Therefore nobody lost.
Do you understand?

I wrote about revolutions inside in my earlier post from august (called Challenges in life),
and really, what you need to do is to understand yourself a little better.
Then good things, greater things will come to you (after those revolutions inside so to speak).

Do what you love in life.
Its up to if you want to smile when its raining, or if you want to waste time and energy on swearing and cursing the sky - asking why its not sunny instead. 
Realize what you have, and be thankful for it.
Its doesnt HAVE TO BE sunny outside for you to feel happy,
keep the sunshine in your heart. Thats what Ive been learnt.
So make your life something worth to remember.
Even if its dark night in December.

trapped, text

Meant to be forever. ♥

When I dance, I can only be.

By the way, this is not meant to be some sort of poem or anything :)

Feel the music - feel the world
Feel the rythm - feel the flow
Move fast - move slow
Whine down and back up
Whine slow - sensual
Shake hips - come back to life
Turn - start over again
Flip hair - feel free
Spin - feel great
Listen to the music - do what its telling you,
Move forward - back
Come back strong.
Move your arms - embrace the world
Graceful... Elegant dance
Secrets unfold, they are discovered

It is only me,
and the music
'til the break of dawn.

No need to think twice
because clearly - we were meant to be. ♥

free spirit

Breathe 2. ♥

The piece that I just wrote (Breathe. ♥) was inspired and developed through the dark times that I have had in the past. I believe that we all have the strength to get out of the dark. We just need to realize what we are doing to ourselves, and decide that we want things to change.

I really enjoyed this morning. And I did exactly as I had written in the previous post.
Even if it might be really difficult at times,
its still very simple once you've done it.
Once you have realized that YOU have the strength to affect your situation.
Things lighten.

You have the power to DECIDE wheather if you want to be
happy, sad, lucky or just miserable.
So make a choice.

I promise.
So promise me.
Promise me that you wont lock yourself out of this world.
And if you are in that situation now,
please come out.
Life is too short for us to stay incaged.

rainy day <3

Breathe. ♥

Open the window
Watch the sky
It doesnt matter if its gray,
nor blue
Watch the clouds
See them move

Promise me to breathe
Be a friend of yours
Maybe this world isnt always beautiful,
But life is.
And you are a part of it all.
You are a beautiful being

Whether if you are happy or sad,
the sky will still be there
Whether you feel great or not,
the clouds will move.

Let the fresh air in
Breathe. Do it now.
Dont wait.
The sky is yours
This world is ours.
We are equals.
So why not smile
Promise me that you will.

Breathe. 20 aug 2010.

Coldplay. ♥

Coldplay and lyrics to their song. I this song has meaningful words. Worth listening to.
(I have marked my favorite parts in the lyrics).

Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
You don't know how lovely you are.
I had to find you, tell you I need you,
Tell you I set you apart.

Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions,
Oh lets go back to the start.
Running in circles, Comin' in tails
Heads on a science apart.

Nobody said it was easy,
It's such a shame for us to part.
Nobody said it was easy,
No one ever said it would be this hard.

Oh take me back to the start.

I was just guessin' at numbers and figures,
Pulling the puzzles apart.
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart.

And tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
Oh and I rush to the start.
Runnin' in circles, Chasin' tails
Comin' back as we are

Nobody said it was easy,
Oh it's such a shame for us to part.
Nobody said it was easy,
No one ever said it would be so hard.

I'm goin' back to the start.

[End of lyrics]

Stop it from ticking for awhile. ♥

I have downloaded my favorite childhood songs again..
Nirvana, No doubt blues, Linkin Park... Red hot chili peppers...
Im just taking it easy with beautiful music...
Coldplay...Old latin american songs...

Ever felt this way? When everything is just so... good.
I want to stop the time for a little while..

Nostalgia, oh how I love you sometimes.
I always carry you with me in my heart
when I walk towards new days in my life.

watch, light

Black rain. ♥

When the candles are blown out,
its the memories we remember.

Where there is a beginning, there will be an ending.
Dont wait til Im dead and eight feet under ground.

No wonder why people, overall,
are so cold nowadays.


External influences.

Dear news papers
dear television
dear magazines
dear music
dear sense of belonging,
I have thought about you all.

Ceasless media,
You are good
but at the same time very evil.
Putting us together but at the same time,
tearing human lives apart.

Most human beings arent aware of how much power you have over their minds
And I think thats sad.

stop thinking. fördomar

Stop day dreaming. ♥

You can’t just wait for your dreams to come true
You can’t just sit and wait for good things to come to you
Nothing, and really nothing will happen – unless you do something about it.

You shouldn’t say you are wise,
If you think that your broken heart is more important than the other person’s heart
If you think that your well-being is more important than a fellow human beings well-being

Success won’t come to you, work for it
Love won’t come to you, you need to give it

You can’t expect change to just take place
Niether can you wish for things to stay the way they are

You are who you want to be
Start believing in yourself,
This time... for real.


Life is too precious. ♥

Tears are too precious to waste on failures
Seconds are too precious to speak behind people’s back
Hours are too precious to be spent alone
Your heart is too precious to be given to someone who cant handle it

Life is too precious to slip through your hands,
And if you aren’t aware enough
It will.

I know my life has a purpose.
So I am going to love it.
I am going to live it,
my way.

Love love love

Like a ghost. ♥

So I was eating this sandwich.. and inspiration hit me. This probably took me less than five minutes to write, but its straight from my heart. And it goes to some people that either indirectly still are in my life, or once were. So here it goes...

I hope someday you'll realize who loved you the most.
Through all this time... you made me feel like a ghost.
But Ive grown and all these people in this world,
all of this sh't have made me become a lil bit colder
So I am going to leave,
and once Ive left -
I will never look back.

Thank you for breaking my heart. But Im done with this crap.

Girl on a flowerfield

Words of wisdom.

For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes seek out the good in people,
For a slim figure share your food with the hungry, For Beautiful hair let a child run their fingers through it. People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. As you grow older, you will discover that have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.

Words of wisdom, from Audrey Hepburn. I really like this.

Dance-fever. <3

Just let go, and follow the rythmn.

Summertime now. ♪

Make sure you enjoy everyday of your life!

Here's some songs I listen or dance to this summer. I have my own unique and twisted taste in music. NO, I did not ask for your opinion. HAHA. No, seriously.

Movado ft Stacious - Come into My Room

Carlos Arroyo feat. Yomo - Se Va Conmigo

J Balvin ft. Jutha y Small - No vuelvo enamorar

By the way, my dear readers.

Everything I have in this blog is written by me,
unless I tell you differently.

Do not copy, it is not appreciated.

Two more things:
1. If you havent already read my first real post here called "My electronic notebook", I recommend you to read it (and now Ive translated it to English as well).

2. You might not notice but I sometimes update some texts that I have posted here. Its usually because I want to add something to what already exists.

Belly dance - an artform.

I dont think most people really know these things Im going to bring up about belly dance.
Honestly, I think that those people and dancers that keep reffering it to "sex" are highly degrading for this artform. Because belly dancing is not supposed to be about sex. Its an artform. It is an ancient way of celebrating women & fertility, not making them look like objects. KEEP THAT IN YOUR MIND.

There is a lot more to this dance than what you would think. What you see underneath are a few excerpts (that I can relate to) from the book Belly Dancing - Unlock the secret power of an ancient dance, by Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi.

- The dance grows with me, while I grow as a human being and a woman. Everytime my body calls me and nostalgia becomes overwhelming, I dance in that very instant, that intense moment of being.
Each moment is different and each dance more whole than the previous one.

- Belly dancing is an art and as such it entails three factors:
theory, practice and the heart, without which no art form ever comes to life.

- As for practice of belly dancing, it is shaped by each woman's personality, her intuition and creativity, the teacher being none other than life itself.

I love belly dancing, and it means a lot to me. So I am passionate about the dance being taken for what it really is. ♥ ♥

belly dancer sketch black n white.

Take a stand. ♥

I, Golzar, just feel I need to say this once and for all.
I dont have all the answers, and
I can only speak for myself.

You live your life
and let me live mine

If you cant like me the way I am,
leave me. I dont need people like that.

Imma do what I want with my life,
and I dont give a sh't of what you think about that.

If you are hater, then so be it
but Im just gonna say:
haters are dead to me.


Det är alltid lika kul att hitta eller få kontakt med gamla goda barndomsvänner! Det är så många känslor och minnen som kommer upp. Jag fick kontakt med två av mina barndomsvänner igår. Ni är f'n helt frickin underbara.
Och min första barndomsvän, min tvilling - hon är i Iran... och förstår nog inte vad jag skriver på svenska här... men människan vet redan hur älskad hon är så det gör nog inget! :)

Kära barndomsvänner,
jag älskar er.

My generation.

Vad är det barn får titta på nu för tiden?! En konstig ful figur som gör konst med snor som hänger från sin näsa?!!! NEJ. NEJ för på min tid.... på min tid hade vi BRA saker.  Då var allt tryggt och säkert. Då fanns det bara yxor, pistoler och slängdörrar (tänker på en speciell Tom and Jerry avsnitt, lägger upp den om jag hittar).

Titta och njuuut. eller inte. I dont care CUZ I LOVE TOM AND JERRY ! screw you if you dont. hmpf.



Im going to talk like the little duck here. "GUAAH GUAH UAH". Haha.

Mi Corazoncito. <3

Ive thought about it for some time...
Well anyway. Beautiful song.

Real talk.

I dont give a damn about what you think of me.

Dance birdie, dance. ♥

I, Golzar, have realized that
life is easier when you let your heart fly
you dont need to sleep that much
hard work pays off
being too nice, makes people walk over you
feeling sorry for yourself is just negative
you get what you attract in life
being afraid will get you nowhere

so dance birdie, dance.

Live your life instead of wasting time hating it
Have fun with people instead hating on them
You're not better than anyone else,
and if you think you are... damn you must be a piece of sh't.
Now thats - real talk.

Made by Golzar.

Life is wonderful. ♥

You just need to realize it.

life is wonderful. kritor och asfalt, svartvit

Disfunctional cellphones.

There is something wrong with my phone:
many times my messages arent delivered when they should be,
and sometimes it decides to die on me. those times I decide to kill it.

Right now, my cellphone is connected to the charger, but
it is NOT charging.

Why oh why, why me?

HAHAH.. enough cellphone-frustration.

Modern killers.

Modern killers to their victim before attacking:
"Wait, Im just gonna check my facebook".
HAHA, damn you facebook.

Childhood memories. ♥

Dear childhood memories
You make me feel alive again

Dear childhood memories
You make me want to fly again

Dear childhood memories
You make me want to smile again

I will always keep you near
Dear childhood memories by Golzar  ♥
childhood memories, laleh

You are unstoppable, if you decide to be.

Ingen kan stoppa mig ! när jag bara rullar fram !

HAHAH... Jag älskar att vara flummig.
Kan du inte vara det med mig eller acceptera mig som jag är,
så tycker jag inte att vi kan umgås.


Midnight friends!

Its about being spontaneous sometimes.
I did it this midnight; I just stepped out of my house to a friends house
and I turned out meeting four new friends - very nice people by the way.

Isn't it strange, even if the person is in a whole another part of the world
or when you hang out with someone for the first time
and then you end up speaking about everything & nothing with them til 9 in the morning?

I think it is strange, in an awesome way.
I have noticed - it's not about where you are physically when it comes to connections with people (if you are in the same country/city/close or far away). It's more likely about where you are mentally and psychologically. There are several special people whom I've found that special connection with, and it's great everytime. YOU people (you should know who you are by now) are wonderful!

Keep your arms open to the world,
Keep a smile on your face,
and the world will surprise you
It will give you so much more back.

I don't care anymore. ♥

Jag blir väldigt besviken på människor ibland. Men nu är det en ny dag.
Jag ska leva mitt liv, och
jag bryr mig inte längre om vissa (en hel del) människor längre.
Jag vet vad jag uppskattar och
jag är medveten om vilken sorts beteende jag INTE tolererar.

Be yourself when you are around me.
If you are yourself, and still act like a loser around me, its cool cuz you're just gonna lose me.
and I dont care, du hamnar bara snabbt och smidigt på min hög av "people I dont care about".

Är du oschysst mot mig så garanterar jag att du får vad du förtjänar.
Antingen från mig eller karma.

Folk som känner mig bra, vet redan detta - men till DU DÄR som är helt okunnig:
Tänk efter. Gör mig inte arg eller besviken.
For your own healths sake. Nej, jag hotar inte - detta är bara fakta.

Jag vet inte hur det funkar med dig, men SÅHÄR ligger det till hos mig.

I just want to add a VERY IMPORTANT thing
Of course there are people who I care A LOT about and LOVE DEEPLY. But they are pretty DAAAAMN special.

strong leopard. sunlight


Golzar, You Are Wise

You are a protector and teacher. You help people deal with their struggles.
Right now, you are seeking peace and tranquility in your life.
You are drawn to people who are passionate and deep.
You feel like there are many major things in your life that need to be changed.
You are quick to react. You are courageous and bold
this was the result of a test I did.... and it is true indeed.
If Im able to help, I do.
I always seek SOMETHING in my life.
I loooooove people that are passionate and deep.
Change - to the better is always good.
Where would I be without with my Reaction to life, Courage and Boldness!

What toe are you? HAHAHHA

You Are the Middle Toe
You are naturally very aggressive and competitive. You go for what you want.
You like to get ahead, but there is nothing traditional about your approach to success.

You use your creativity and your wit to your advantage. You are a flexible thinker.
You have a lot of inner fire and strength. You harness your passion well.

Listen up now din mangolid (yes, I came up with that word)
Roses are red
Violiets are blue
See these five toes? The middle ones for you. HMM...
wonder if you actually can give the "finger" to someone with your middle toe...?

HAHAHA. Enough wierdness...
no, who am I kidding?! Normal is boring. 

What can't be denied about me?

What is true about you? Golzar,
You Are Ambitious

You have your eye on the prize, and knowing you, it's probably a different prize every week.
You have a laser focus when it comes to achieving your goals, and you stay on task.

More than being a hard worker, you are a smart worker. You can always figure out a way to get what you want.
You don't just climb up the ladder - you skip steps. You break every rule that you can.

Im already making up new plans and goals hahahaah 
dancing with the wind, sketch

The story of my life ?

How do you travel through life?
Golzar you:
Dance Through Life
Your journey through life is inspired, creative, and optimistic.
You are an engaging, positive person - and you're always looking for the possibilities in life.
You hope to motivate and uplift other people. You want to change the world in your own little way.
You are confident and expressive. You're happy with who you are, as unique and different as you might be.

The store
Golzar you:
Are Dramatic
You are easily moved. You are very curious about the world around you and what's going on.
You are constantly looking to improve yourself. You don't think you have all the answers.
The world excites you. There are so many places you want to go and things you want to learn.
You are interested in a plethora of things. You love to learn.

The watercolor
Golzar You are Highly Inspiring
You believe that your has a higher purpose, and you do all you can to achieve it.
You are wise, and a lot of your wisdom comes from self discipline.
You try to live as moderately and modestly as possible.
You make room for ration, small indulgences...
while living as ethically as you can.

What pattern is your brain?
Golzar Your Brain is Vivid
Your mind is a creative hotbed of artistic talent.
You're always making pictures in your mind, especially when you're bored.
You are easily inspired to think colorful, interesting thoughts.
And although it may be hard to express these thoughts, it won't always be.

Challenges in life. ♥

Challenges in do we handle them?
You might have noticed me, Golzar, being very positive and energetic or social lately. Well Im gonna tell you, the last two or even three years havent been like that at all.

Before I move on, telling you one of the most personal things I have ever posted to the public, I want to say dont mind the spelling and grammar; cuz I assure u there will be errors. I dont & couldn’t care less right now.

Anyhow, as I was saying... This is going to be veeeery very long. I dont do this to make myself look like a big deal to the world. Then WHY am I posting this up? Ive had some rough times, Ive been down and gone through things that have made me who I am today. If only one person in the whole world reads this and gets even a little inspired, I will be glad.
I am brutally honest about everything I say. No matter what it is about. I don’t want it any other way. If you are a hater, no need to read this. If you still wanna read and hate, go ahead. You’ll just be another person I-don’t-give-a-shit-about.

Back to the topic… How did it all start? Im pretty sure it started with me having:
Pretty damn high expectations on myself.

Frankly, its been mostly about me and achieving things. And a lot of times it has been about grades.
As you might know, high school in Sweden normally is for three years.
My three years in high school was all about… getting the highest grade. Not about friends. And not so much about having fun either. First of all I just want to say that I don’t regret anything! However, Ive learnt from my mistakes.

When you are sooo focused on getting something you want, you tend to forget about what really should be the most important thing in life…
Your family
Your friends
Your health
Your passion for life

That is what happened to me. Im not saying it was good that I let the most valuable things in my life get in the shadow of me achieving things, because I know it was faar from good.
I graduated with excellent grades. But I also graduated with an excellently sad soul.

I had good grades, lots of MVG’s… and I had worked hard for them. But at that time, they weren’t enough to get me where I wanted. I had applied to university and the programme I wanted to study.
What happened? It was autumn 2009, after I had graduated - I didn’t get in. My whole world crushed down on me. It was tough. Dark. Not a very good place.

But time passed…
Since Im not a quitter, I applied again for the new semester. It takes some time til you get the answer; wheather you have made it and got into what you want to study.
Time passed…
I was still unhappy but I had my loved ones by my side. And I thank them deeply for being so patient with me during that time. I slowly started to live again. To breathe. I learnt what really should matter in life. I didn’t give up on my dream, but at the same time while I was waiting for the answer from university... I did not expect a lot and so I began to search for other ways to get where I wanted in life.

Then that day came. I was at home in Gothenburg doing some yoga in the morning. Everything was normal. All of the sudden I got that call… A call from Uppsala. I was called and asked if I was interested of starting in juristprogrammet in Uppsala! It didn’t take a second, and I thought to myself: Are you crazy?! is that even a question?!! HELL YEAH I WANTED TO START.

Nothing else mattered. I just did it. I said yes to my dream.
What did that mean to me by then?
It meant moving away from my family and loved ones.
It meant I would move to a city I had never been to,
all by myself. There were a lot of changes taking place.

I moved. IT WASN’T EASY. I cried out of frustration, a lot... if not almost all the time. Since I really had not expected to get into Uppsala University - the oldest university in Scandinavia... also listed as one of the Top universities in the world, I had not searched for accommodation. I had no place to stay and I hated Uppsala.

Luckily, my sister helped me find this wonderful hostel in central Uppsala.
I lived in that hostel for three weeks, where the conditions really weren’t made for studying. Me, hating Uppsala, didn’t help much with focusing on the studies either. In the hostel, I lived in a so called “girls room”. In a tiny little room which could be shared by four guests at the time. Since the room was so little… in addition that I couldn’t expect the other guests (most of them tourists from all over the world) to keep it quiet,

I used to sit in the hostels kitchen late at night and study. Uppsala is filled with libraries, but sitting in a library with the way I felt at that time was the least thing I wanted to do.
I am a person who needs my personal space at times; wherever I am, I am going need some time alone. Thus, I was uncomfortable. But thanks to the lovely host in the hostel (I will never forget you Rusudan ♥), and the wonderful people who stayed in the hostel (Especially my lovely friends Shabnam and Meral ♥) – thanks to them, and thanks to my beloved Family ♥ (who I called ALL the time) I made it through.

While I was studying, which by the way was pretty impossible when I was sad, I searched for accommodation - day and night. I went and saw different rooms to show my interest, but the rooms were always given to someone else in the end. If you only knew how devastating that was! Finally I found a place through There was this nice Iranian woman who wanted to rent a room in her house. And since she felt she could trust me, she let me move in. She was really nice to me and I was happy to be able to have a room by myself. But I was still sad and I still didn’t like Uppsala. I lived in the lady’s house for about a month, until I was offered a student-dorm room!

Getting that room meant SO MUCH to me. Now I could actually feel that I was independent. I finally had a place that was MINE. Studying was still not easy-peasy. I was not used to the pace of university studies, and everything about the things we studied was new to me. I didn’t really make an effort to get new friends at school either, so I spent most of my time alone. That wasn’t good, but slowly (perhaps a little too late) I started to realize I needed to change the way I handled my situation.

I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself. Stop feeling sorry for myself for being alone or sad. Because the only reason why I was alone or sad was me acting like how I was used to do; keeping me to myself. It was hard for me to realize my bad habits, but I needed to do it.

I needed to change myself, before other things could change around me.
I needed to become positive, in order for my life to become positive.
I needed to become thankful.

There was this revolution taking place within me. Many times in my life, I have noticed how I deal with these “revolutions inside”. At first things are difficult, and I get unhappy or uncomfortable. I break myself down, only to rise up again. Stronger than what I was before.

Even if I rather had stayed in Gothenburg, close to everyone and everything I love –
I NEVER regret moving away. Why? Because obviously, moving away from all the comfort and everything I had gotten used to was what I needed – to grow up and to develop.
I would not change that. Ever.

In fact I will keep on doing that for the rest of my life. Because I believe that challenges and harsh times in life is what makes us beautiful. It makes us who we are. Without moving away from home, I would never had become the way I am today.

I learnt to be more open to life. And to be more open to new people and new things in life. I don’t believe that I am perfect or better than someone else, if I would believe such a thing I would probably hate myself.

I moved to Uppsala 1st of February 2010; It was the worst time of my life, but at the same time the best thing I could ever have done.

One thing I really want to stress is that motivation is great. Being focused is good, but while being it, please try not to lose it!

The coldest winter in my life, turned out in the best summer I have ever had.
So trust me, if you keep a smile on your face and never give up - you will get anything you want in life. Please - whoever you are, believe in yourself, and please don’t care about what other people think about you.

Challenges in life…
even if I might not feel great when I face them
I will never stop loving them.

Golzar, loving life.

Skönhets-ideal - f'ck you.

Såg ett program nyss på MTV om diverse kändisar som opererat sig på ett eller annat sätt. Lil kim, Megan Fox, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Ashley Simpson, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan... nästan ALLA har gjort NÅGOT.


Visst är vissa kändisar vackra, men vad säger det om dig egentligen
när du beundrar någon som
- stoppat fett från sin rumpa i ansiktet?
- lagt plast under kinderna och diverse käk-implantat för att se ut som barbie?
- lagt in gudvetvad i sig för att ha en perfektformad röv?
- har häst hår på sitt huvud?

DAMN GIRL, where is your Made-in-China-tag?

Jag har ABSOLUT inget emot folk som opererar sig för sitt egna välbefinnandes skull. Go for it. Men när någon gör det för att "passa in" i vad media har lärt oss är vackert - nej, däääär tar det stopp.
Jag hatar alla dessa idiotiska IDEAL. För någonstans, gick det väldigt fel.

I dont wanna hate on people. Im just hating the idea behind all of this crap! Media kan köra upp sin vackra och falska ideal någonstans.

Jag vill inte se ut som en barbie-docka
Jag vill inte förbli ung
Jag vill inte ha ett perfekt ansikte
Jag vill inte ha stora bröst
Jag vill inte ha en liten näsa
Jag vill inte ha större läppar
Jag vill inte vara smal som en pinne
etc etc...
För jag tror att vi glömde en sak: JAG ÄR FAKTISKT EN MÄNNISKA,
och jag tänker förbli det thank you very much.

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