Life is too precious. ♥

Tears are too precious to waste on failures
Seconds are too precious to speak behind people’s back
Hours are too precious to be spent alone
Your heart is too precious to be given to someone who cant handle it

Life is too precious to slip through your hands,
And if you aren’t aware enough
It will.

I know my life has a purpose.
So I am going to love it.
I am going to live it,
my way.

Love love love

Postat av: Mona

Beautiful Golzar! The person that is aware of it is a winner!

2010-08-13 @ 00:27:35
Postat av: Goli

Thank you! That is true... awareness for the world :)

2010-08-13 @ 00:37:22
Postat av: Asaliiii

Älskling, du skriver så bra! Fortsätt så! :) I just love ur blog! And I love you and the way u think! Puss på dig!

2010-08-15 @ 21:10:18
Postat av: Goli

Tack min fina ängel! Jag är glad att du tycker så! Lots of loooove!!

2010-08-15 @ 21:49:25

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