Experience-bag. ♥

I know human beings are not always nice,
sometimes they're even your worst nightmare.
Whatever they do to you and whatever bad thing that happens to you,
I want you to look at it as an experience.
You can put it in your experience-bag and take it with you in life
That experience-bag gets heavier the more experience you put in it,
In time to that you will get stronger and I know you will pull it off
- how heavy that it may be.

I believe that everything, at least most of the things, that happen around us happen for a reason 
So that we and our boundries are tested.
Remember that we all are on our own path in this world, and our paths happen to intervene with each other
We end up dealing with things we've never dealt with before
We may have to make difficult decisions, get hurt, lose something or someone we love,
and millions of other things. 
Thats how we develop.

Im not a master, so dont call me that
Even if I were, I wouldnt want you to call me that.
Degrees, looks, wealth and all those other shallow things are only surface-material,
and beneath those - we're all just the same. Some people think and act as if they're better than you,
and at times they swell so much that you even believe their act of shame.
Life isnt about that. Who are you to believe you're better than someone else?
Next time someone acts like they're better than you just because they have more money, live in a nicer place, have some special degree, some "fancy" job, can afford more expensive things and whatever sick thing that has made them believe they're better - just remember: their poop smells just as bad as yours do. 
Money, success or even looks doesnt corrupt people (as a wise friend of mine said) - it exposes them. These are only trials in life.

Ive made it clear before in some post that Im not trying to preach. Before telling you to be aware of these things, I try to tell and remind myself.

Experience-bags of time.

Mazi, nane jan, you inspired me to write this.
I love you, and I care about you -
this is my way of showing that.

Postat av: JS style

du har också fett nice sida!! :)

2011-05-22 @ 22:58:39
URL: http://js-style.se
Postat av: Golzar

Tack så mycket Josef! :D

2011-05-22 @ 23:04:55
URL: http://golzar.blogg.se/

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