War and revolutions inside. ♥

The worst war you can have, is the one with yourself.
I had a war with myself in the past, and I won.
Therefore nobody lost.
Do you understand?

I wrote about revolutions inside in my earlier post from august (called Challenges in life),
and really, what you need to do is to understand yourself a little better.
Then good things, greater things will come to you (after those revolutions inside so to speak).

Do what you love in life.
Its up to if you want to smile when its raining, or if you want to waste time and energy on swearing and cursing the sky - asking why its not sunny instead. 
Realize what you have, and be thankful for it.
Its doesnt HAVE TO BE sunny outside for you to feel happy,
keep the sunshine in your heart. Thats what Ive been learnt.
So make your life something worth to remember.
Even if its dark night in December.

trapped, text


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