Breathe 2. ♥

The piece that I just wrote (Breathe. ♥) was inspired and developed through the dark times that I have had in the past. I believe that we all have the strength to get out of the dark. We just need to realize what we are doing to ourselves, and decide that we want things to change.

I really enjoyed this morning. And I did exactly as I had written in the previous post.
Even if it might be really difficult at times,
its still very simple once you've done it.
Once you have realized that YOU have the strength to affect your situation.
Things lighten.

You have the power to DECIDE wheather if you want to be
happy, sad, lucky or just miserable.
So make a choice.

I promise.
So promise me.
Promise me that you wont lock yourself out of this world.
And if you are in that situation now,
please come out.
Life is too short for us to stay incaged.

rainy day <3


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