Belly dance - an artform.

I dont think most people really know these things Im going to bring up about belly dance.
Honestly, I think that those people and dancers that keep reffering it to "sex" are highly degrading for this artform. Because belly dancing is not supposed to be about sex. Its an artform. It is an ancient way of celebrating women & fertility, not making them look like objects. KEEP THAT IN YOUR MIND.

There is a lot more to this dance than what you would think. What you see underneath are a few excerpts (that I can relate to) from the book Belly Dancing - Unlock the secret power of an ancient dance, by Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi.

- The dance grows with me, while I grow as a human being and a woman. Everytime my body calls me and nostalgia becomes overwhelming, I dance in that very instant, that intense moment of being.
Each moment is different and each dance more whole than the previous one.

- Belly dancing is an art and as such it entails three factors:
theory, practice and the heart, without which no art form ever comes to life.

- As for practice of belly dancing, it is shaped by each woman's personality, her intuition and creativity, the teacher being none other than life itself.

I love belly dancing, and it means a lot to me. So I am passionate about the dance being taken for what it really is. ♥ ♥

belly dancer sketch black n white.

Postat av: Asaliiii

Hon liknar dig !!!! :D

2010-08-15 @ 21:08:25
Postat av: Goli

Tack ! :D

2010-08-15 @ 21:53:13

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